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We always aim to exceed our guests’ expectations. RockStar Rider is exceeding expectations on a VIP scale. This über cool service gives you the chance to flex your inner Beyonce or Keith Richards.

Live your fantasy

Imagine yourself as your favourite rockstar and dream up a rider request that is not only something you’d love but one that is imaginative and individual.

What do we mean? Well how about filling your bath with ice cream, arranging for a serenade wakeup call by an Elvis impersonator, or your very own midnight snack of every dish from our delicious menu… The possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve come up with your request, all you have to do is tell us. This can be done through Twitter or Facebook by using #RockStarRider and tagging us – don’t forget to tell us your room booking details.

Once we have received your RockStar Rider request, we will consider it in terms of individuality, doability (real word) and quirkiness. If you’re lucky enough to have your request fulfilled, you will find out in real time - in other words you wont know until it happens!

Good Luck!

Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa

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To send us your #RockStarRider request, jump onto Facebook or Twitter, use the hashtag #RockStarRider, and tag us in your post. We will then determine if your idea is crazy enough - and you will find out our decision during your stay!

I requested a 'Rock Star Rider' on Twitter for a ski themed room - never expected they would actually do it! We were so touched that they had gone to so much effort for us, even providing a hot chocolate bar with meringue snowmen and all the trimmings.

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