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The Fistral Spa in Cornwall is an oasis of cool and calm with a laid back beach vibe.

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When everyday life has left you feeling tired and worn out, our ESPA-trained therapists are here to put the glow back in your cheeks and the spring back in your step. We are proud to be the only spa in North Cornwall to offer a tried-and-tested range of ESPA spa treatments.

Treatments are available from 10am until 6pm, however earlier treatments are available on Monday and Thursdays with late night treatments available on Monday, Thursday Friday and Saturday evenings. As one of the best spa hotels in Cornwall, we pride ourselves in offering only the best treatments that will leave you feeling brand new.

Quote code CL10 for 10% off treatments. Pre-booking is essential.

  • Facials

    Designed to naturally improve the skin condition and enhance its appearance. All ESPA facials include specialised double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, acupressure facial massage and oriental head massage.

    Express facial and skin analysis
    40mins | £49

    Combining an Express Facial with a Skin Vision consultation, this treatment is designed to leave your skin radiantly healthy and gives you the knowledge you need to protect and nourish your skin type day and night.

    Luxury ESPA facial
    60mins | £75

    Following a consultation your therapist will provide a personalised facial tailored to treat your specific skin type and concerns.

    Age defying facial
    1hr 30mins | £90

    A totally luxurious regenerating facial treatment especially created to help combat the signs of ageing and sun damaged skin. Special facial massage techniques for those delicate areas around the eyes, neck, lips and jaw line are combined with the ESPA moisturising products, rich in anti-oxidants, and scientifically advanced natural ingredients to hydrate and protect. The anti-ageing, rejuvenating benefits of this treatment visibly improve the appearance of the skin, helping to minimise lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin fresh, revitalised and nourished.

    Toning, lifting and firming
    1hr 30mins | £90

    Using the most advanced facial techniques, these treatments are performed by hand selected, highly qualified therapists to deliver a deeply relaxing yet intensive experience, the benefits of which can be seen immediately.

    Enzyme peel facial
    1hr 30mins | £95

    Focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin to provide outstanding instant and long-term results. Every facial begins with a detailed skin analysis and includes specific double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation, an acupressure facial massage and a deep cleansing and intensive face mask.

    Regenerating and firming eye treatment*
    25mins | £22

    This treatment is designed to be combined with any of our facials to combat the effects of premature ageing and stress to the eye area. It is also of benefit to those who suffer from irritable, puffy or sensitive eyes. While not offered as a stand-alone treatment, it is a wonderful addition to any of our ESPA facials.


    ESPA therapies combine modern and ancient knowledge and draw on therapeutic treatments from the Ayurvedic and Oriental traditions to create an unrivalled expertise that is blended with passion and performed by ESPA trained professionals.

    Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage
    40mins | £55
    40mins with hot stones | £60

    A wonderfully relaxing massage using pure essential oils, to ease tension and leave you with a sense of wellbeing.

    Inner calm body massage
    60mins | £75
    60mins with hot stones | £80

    Find your inner calm with this rebalancing aromatherapy massage, using a specially selected blend of oils, tailored to you. With neck and eye pillows to encourage warmth and relaxation, indulge in this soothing holistic treatment, combining personalised aromatherapy massage and warm Rose Quartz Crystals, focusing on the third eye.

    Inner calm body and scalp massage
    1hr 30mins with hot stones | £105

    Find your inner calm with this rebalancing aromatherapy massage, using a specially selected blend of oils, tailored to you. With neck and eye pillows to encourage warmth and relaxation, indulge in this soothing holistic treatment, combining personalised aromatherapy massage, luxury ESPA scalp massage and warm Rose Quartz Crystals through the scalp.

    Balinese massage
    1hr 15mins | £78
    1hr 30mins with hot stones | £90

    This sophisticated and soothing massage uses warm aromatherapy oils which are poured over the centre of the body. A deep relaxing massage using stretching and sweeping movements is then followed by hot stones, encouraging a nourishing absorption into the skin and releasing tension as you relax.

    Priadara Thai-style massage
    40mins back massage | £55
    60mins full body massage | £72
    1hr 30mins full body and face massage | £90

    Experience a heat treatment that soothes muscle tension through a Thai herbal heat compress, allowing the stresses and strains of your daily routine to be massaged away.

    Total holistic body care
    1hr 30mins | £90
    1hr 50mins with hot stones | £115

    This luxurious treatment commences with full body brushing and exfoliation to stimulate and brighten the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This is then followed by a powerful de-stressing face, oriental scalp and body massage to relax and calm thus bringing harmony to the mind and body. This beautiful treatment is the ultimate in pure luxury leaving your skin feeling soft, revitalised and pampered.

    Fistral Spa signature treatment
    1hr 50mins | £120

    A truly luxurious and stress relieving experience, this treatment includes a full body massage to ease away tension and relieve stress followed by a luxurious ESPA facial designed to noticeably improve the condition and enhance the appearance of your skin.

    Luxury back, face and scalp treatment
    1hr 30mins | £90
    1hr 50mins with hot stones | £115

    This luxurious experience incorporates an aromatherapy facial, suitable for all skin types to purify, hydrate and refine the skin, with a deeply relaxing back, neck, shoulder and oriental scalp massage.

    Essential Fistral treatment
    60mins | £75

    Specially designed to pamper and relax, this therapeutic treatment begins with a back, neck and shoulder massage with blended essential oils followed by a regenerating and firming eye treatment to deeply nourish and regenerate the fragile eye area.

    Exfoliating salt and oil scrub
    25mins | £38

    Carefully blended sea salts and essential oils have been combined to help remove dry, dead skin cells, enhancing the condition of the skin. The result is exceptionally soft, moisturised and clean skin.

    Body wraps
    60mins | £65

    Choose one of our sophisticated wraps blended to meet your specific needs or just book a wrap and let our therapists decide the right one for you. All wraps include lymphatic skin brushing and smoothing body exfoliation and an oriental scalp massage. Choose from ‘skin hydrating wrap’, ‘detoxifying algae wrap’ or ‘restorative mud envelopment’.

    Stimulating hip and thigh
    60mins | £74

    This is a specialised treatment to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, concentrating on areas prone to cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin tone.

    60mins | £65

    A total holistic treatment using specific re ex points on the feet to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body.

    Indian head massage
    40mins | £49

    This treatment is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating pressure point massage to the back, neck, shoulders and scalp. This is excellent for the person wanting a quick “pick me up”.


    Ocean Gaia Ritual
    2hrs | £130

    A deeply therapeutic ritual to release tension and stress bringing the mind and body into harmonious balance. Using advanced Balinese and Lomi Lomi techniques, originating from Hawaii, the body is exfoliated followed by an application of the nourishing Gaia mud. Once showered, a Gaia blend of your choice is poured warmly onto the body for a muscle easing massage. A scalp massage is performed whilst wrapped in warming towels. The Gaia rejuvenating face treatment will complete this ritual leaving a natural feeling of wellbeing, whilst skin is left smooth and replenished. The treatment starts with a welcome foot ritual and consultation followed by aftercare advice and a Gaia tea.


    Fistral Spa is one of only a few specialist ESPA spas in the UK to offer Ayurvedic Inspired Rituals. Combining ayurvedic traditions with healing disciplines and western practices, these treatments intellectually nurture the body and help it rebalance in times of change and stress. Intensely relaxing and hugely beneficial, our Ayurvedic Inspired Rituals are the ultimate spa experience.

    Ayurvedic inspired rituals
    120 mins | £125

    A truly enlightening experience, your therapist will take you through a specialised ritual, relating to your body’s reflective symptoms identified in your Dosha consultation and choose the ritual to suit your needs. Each treatment commences with a hot-tridoshic herbal infusion and foot cleansing ritual, followed by a full body exfoliation to stimulate circulation. The body is then covered in an application of warm algae, marine mud or traditional oshadi clay, while natural linens cocoon the body to allow the body to fully absorb the nourishing benefits. Following a shower individually prepared ESPA and Ayurvedic oils are warmed and poured onto the body and massaged into the skin. Hot stones are then used for the Dosha specific massage. Finishing with a luxurious Oriental head massage to ensure any remaining tension is soothed away.

    40mins | £47
    A calming, yet energising scalp massage focusing upon vital energy points. If time is of the essence this compact treatment will help to reduce tension, increase circulation and leave an improved feeling of well being.

    50mins | £62
    A relaxing foot and lower leg treatment to revitalise tired muscles and ease aches and pains. This treatment begins by bathing and exfoliating the feet; a Dosha specific blend of warm Ayurvedic oils is then used for a deeply therapeutic pressure point massage, to strengthen and restore energy to the feet and balance the whole body.

    15mins | £32

    This traditional Ayurvedic treatment involves the practice of warm oil poured onto the forehead and through the scalp to help ease the stress of the body and calm the emotions of the mind. While not offered as a stand alone treatment, the perfect addition to Indian head massage or any facial treatment.


    Combine all three

    1hr 30mins | £125


    We understand that mums-to-be want to be pampered too. With some tender loving care we can melt away tensions and ease aches, pains and fatigue. And you can feel assured, all our pregnancy spa treatments are designed with mums-to-be in mind so we will only use oils and products that are 100% safe for you and your baby.

    Pre/post-natal treatment*
    1hr 30mins | £90

    This total body treatment has been carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mums to aid in relaxation and tonicity of the skin during this very special time

    Pre-natal massage with optional back exfoliation*
    - 40mins back massage | £55
    - 60mins body massage | £75

    Relieve areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy while nourishing the skin and relaxing the mind with an ESPA pre-natal massage

    *These treatments are only available after 12 weeks.


    Men’s skin is physiologically different to women’s. While most of our treatments are can be enjoyed by guys and girls, we offer a special range of male spa treatments to specifically suit male skin and lifestyle.

    Lifesaving back treatment
    60mins | £65

    An ideal treatment for muscular aches, pains, hard to reach areas and problematic skin. It will leave your back feeling relieved, conditioned and relaxed.

    Mens purifying facial with scalp massage
    60mins | £75

    This relaxing facial works at a deep molecular level to purify, balance and hydrate the skin leaving you feeling de-stressed and renewed. The triple cleanse procedure, which includes a steaming hot towel compress to soothe and soften bristles, promotes drainage and aids in preventing blocked pores. Following a relaxing acupressure face massage and purifying mask, a scalp massage is performed to release tight muscles and tension.

    Aromatherapy massage
    - 40mins back, neck and shoulder massage* | £55
    - 60mins body massage* | £75
    - 1hr 30mins body and scalp massage with hot stones | £105

    One of the best anti stress treatments, this experience incorporates massage to the body to help strengthen the nervous system and restore lost energy. Designed to ease away tension and relieve stress using blended essential oils. This treatment combines ESPA body oils to ease away tension and relieve stress brought about by business pressure and lack of sleep.

    Quiksilver surfers massage
    60mins | £65

    The perfect treatment for those suffering aches, pains and tension brought on by the sea. A deeply relaxing back massage to ease muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and upper arms followed by an ESPA Foot Treatment this includes exfoliation and deep massage using essential oils to warm and soothe tired legs followed by an application of pink hair and scalp mud to smooth and nourish the feet.


    Once you’re truly relaxed, it’s time to add a touch of chic! The Little Fistral Spa combines cutting edge techniques with a fun, laid back approach to beauty. From CND Vinylux manicures to Mii cosmetic makeovers, this ocean-view pampering palace is the ultimate mood-booster.

    ESPA holistic hand and nail treatment with hot stones
    1hr 10mins | £65

    A holistic arm, hand and nail treatment including a gentle skin refiner and a therapeutic massage incorporating hot stone therapy, with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil chosen for your individual needs. Includes nail paint.

    ESPA holistic foot and nail treatment with hot stones
    60mins | £65

    A holistic foot and nail treatment including gentle skin softening exfoliation and a relaxing acupressure point massage, with the appropriate aromatherapy massage oil prescribed for your individual needs. Includes nail paint.

    Luxury spa manicure
    60mins | £40

    A treatment to soothe and relax in a soft journey of warmth and tranquillity, using products designed for the hands to moisturise, exfoliate and hydrate leaving skin with a soft, smooth, healthy glow. The perfect treatment for prettier hands and softer skin.

    Luxury spa pedicure
    60mins | £40

    Revive and energize tired feet with this hydrating treatment! Includes a stimulating and cleansing mineral foot bath that reduces inflammation, nails clipped and filed, hard skin removed, a luxurious leg and foot massage, using hydrating Oil and the toe nails painted using a colour of your choice.

    Deluxe manicure or pedicure
    40mins | £30

    The ultimate treatment for beautifully dressed hands, feet and nails. Treatments includes file, cuticle care, massage with hydrating creams before a nail paint.

    On the go manicure or pedicure
    25mins | £20

    Especially created for the client with a busy lifestyle, this express treatment keeps hands, feet and nails well groomed with a fresh application of your chosen colour.


    For perfect pampering, look no further. Beauty at Little Fistral Spa... to make you look as good as you feel


    Full leg wax £28
    Half leg wax – 30mins – £20
    Half leg & bikini – 45mins – £25
    Bikini – 15mins – £15
    Underarm – 15mins – £10
    Lip – 15mins – £10
    Lip & chin – 15mins – £12
    Eyebrow wax & shape – 15mins – £10
    Back – 45mins – £28
    Chest – 45mins – £28
    Eyelash tint* – 30mins – £15
    Eyebrow tint* – 15mins – £10
    Eyelash & brow tint* – 30mins – £20

    * A sensitivity test is required for tints 24 hours prior to treatment.

    Kissed by MII Spray Tan

    The most natural-looking, moisturising and long-lasting fake tan that’s perfect for any skin tone.

    Spray tan – £18

    Eyelashes by Lash Perfect

    Stand out from the crowd with dramatic lashes from Lash Perfect – light, comfortable to wear and long lasting!

    Eyelash extensions (full set) – 2hours – £65
    Eyelash extensions (1/2 set) – 45mins – £40
    Extension infills – from £20
    Mii Love Lashes – £10

    Brows by MII

    The brows by Mii treatment analyses face and eye shape to plan the perfect shape for you, then tinting, waxing and tweezing will commence and finally you’ll be shown how to recreate the look at home using the home Brows by Mii makeup products.

    Full treatment (up to an hour) £18

    A sensitivity test is required 48 hours before your treatment.

    Make Up

    Flawless Finish with Airbase

    The professional, silicone based airbrush makeup designed for amazing results. It is long-lasting and requires no touch-ups – whatever the weather conditions!

    • Flawless finish
    • Weightless application
    • Long lasting
    • Allows skin to breathe
    • No ‘touch-ups’ required
    • Silicone based
    • Smooth and natural finish

    Recommended for weddings and special occasions, for costings please contact 01637 852221 or email us.

    Makeovers by MII

    Creating a look that is uniquely, completely, unmistakably you.

    Mii in 30 minutes £30
    Leave looking fabulous and learn some fabulous tricks along the way

    Mii with minerals £30
    100% natural makeup that produces beautiful results

    Prepare Mii £30
    Learn to create the perfect base

    Look at Mii £45
    Maximum seductive impact

    Trust Mii £30
    Find your signature look with Mii

    Treat Mii £45
    Indulge yourself for a special occasion

    Complete Mii £30
    Perfect after a facial

    Show Mii £30


    60 minutes | £80

    Feel stress and tension fade away and embrace the enhanced feelings of general wellbeing, as balance and harmony is restored on a mental, emotional and physical level. During the hour session your therapist will be working with the healing frequencies of various instruments including the tuning forks, crystal and himalayan singing bowls, chimes, rain stick and koshi bells. 


    In need of the complete Fistral Experience?

    During October we're giving away an ESPA Beauty Rituals Kit (worth £35) with every Signature Spa Day booked. When you just need some time to rejuvenate and reconnect, discover Fistral Spa’s Signature Spa Day. With hand-picked treatments designed to replenish and relax, full use of the luxurious facilities and two-courses of Fistral’s finest, this is the ultimate spa day to experience in Cornwall.

    Signature Spa Day includes:

    • A two-course lunch with a glass of Prosecco
    • Welcome foot ritual and consultation
    • Refreshments in our relaxation room
    • Unlimited use of the pool, fitness and spa facilities including steam room and sauna
    • Use of robe and slippers during your day
    • Body Brush and Exfoliation
    • Wrap with Oriental Scalp Massage (60 mins)
    • Inner Calm Body Massage (60 mins)

    £120 Monday - Friday | £130 Saturday - Sunday

    Call 01637 852221 to book.

    Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Subject to availability. New bookings only. October 2018 only.


    Take a look at the Fistral Spa treatment brochure and spa pricelist to choose your treatments or simply give us a call on 01637 852221 and we’ll give you a hand.

    Treatments are available from 10am until 6pm, however late night treatments are also available on Friday and Saturday evenings.

    All hotel guests receive 10% off treatments. Pre-booking is essential. Full prepayment is required for all spa treatments.


    Our spa breaks are brilliant value but maybe you’d like to create your own spa package by adding upgrades to your spa treatment:

    Glass of Prosecco and chocolates: £10 per person
    Use of pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub: £5 per person (for treatments booked under £49)
    Use of the fitness suite: £5 per person
    Two course spa lunch and a glass of Prosecco: £20 per person
    Sharing board and a glass of Prosecco: £15 per person
    Afternoon tea: £18 per person



Add a glass of Prosecco and chocolates to your treatment for £10 per person


Use of the pool, sauna, steam room and hot tub for £5 per person applies to treatments under £49


Enjoy full use of the fitness suite before or after your treatment for £5 per person


Indulge in a two course lunch and a glass of Prosecco for £20 per person

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